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Prevent cancer, control blood sugar, strengthen the effects of the internal organs function food
Black garlic is one of the best anti-cancer food from ancient Egypt, the black garlic which is nourishing and strong and relieve fatigue
Effects of food and be honored, in 1990 the national cancer institute published the Designer Foods
The Program "in the black garlic for cancer prevention is the most effective among the 48 common anti-cancer food list. At the same time, it
Can reduce the excess cholesterol and sugar in the blood, also can adjust gastric bowel peristalsis.
Black garlic garlic allicin is the main composition of allicin and vitamin B1 formed by the combination of called thiamine garlic
The composition of the advantages of remove fatigue, and promote the effect of sugar decomposition, control blood sugar to rise; At the same time is called the black garlic
Spermine organic sulfide can activate cells, vitamin B1 can help convert sugar into energy, and a solution
In addition to fatigue, enhance physical strength and so on curative effect. In addition, which is called selenium inorganic nutrients has the power to eliminate all kinds of raw
The root of the living habit of disease, the role of reactive oxygen species.
25-100 ℃ after heat the allicin garlic ene ajoene (Spanish) generated is called sulfur compounds (
Has the property of melt grease) components, the control of blood sugar and sugar into energy effect is larger.
Modern medical research proof, black garlic collection of more than 100 kinds of medicinal and health care ingredients, including volatile sulfur
43, sulfide and sulfonic acid esters, such as allicin) 13, 9 kinds of amino acids, peptide eight and 12 kinds of glucoside, enzyme
Class 11. In addition, the garlic amino acid is garlic unique composition, when it enters the blood becomes allicin, this
Allicin can even 100000 times dilution in an instant kill salmonella typhi, dysentery bacillus, the influenza virus, etc. allicin
Combined with vitamin B1 can produce garlic thiamine, eliminate fatigue, enhance physical strength wonders. Garlic contains the
Creatinine is indispensable to participate in the muscle activity, to have a role in the formation of sperm, can make the sperm count
, the so-called eating garlic energetic refers to this. Garlic also can promote the metabolism, lower cholesterol and
And the content of triglycerides have fall blood pressure, fall blood sugar, so on hypertension, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis
Have certain curative effect, diabetes, etc. Garlic for external use can promote skin blood circulation, remove aging cutin layer of the skin
, soften the skin and enhance its flexibility, but also prevent insolation, prevent melanin deposit, to spot whitening. In recent years the
Internal and external studies suggest that garlic can block the synthesis of nitrosamines carcinogens in the body, so far, the cancer
Effect in 40 a variety of vegetables, fruits, arranged according to the pyramid, garlic is located in the top of the tower. More than 100 kinds of ingredients in garlic
In which dozens of ingredients have separate anti-cancer effect.
Sterilization, prevention wall construction
Black garlic contains allicin has broad-spectrum antibacterial effect of it on dozens of influenza virus and a variety of pathogenic micro
Biological function to kill. Bactericidal effect of the composition is mainly allicin, and a white greasy liquid
"Allyl sulfide [(CH2CH2 H2) 2 s]. The allicin even when diluted 100000 times still can kill in an instant
Cold coli, shigella, influenza viruses, etc. Volatile substances, leaching liquid of black garlic allicin and in vitro
A variety of pathogenic bacteria can significantly inhibit or kill. The sulfur compounds on corruption fungus also has the very strong
Restrain and kill effect, its strength equal to or even stronger than the chemical preservatives benzoic acid and sorbic acid, is the eye
Found in the natural plant before one of the strongest antibacterial activity.
Anti-aging, anti-oxidation neng force is 39 times normal garlic
Antioxidant ability
The essence of the human body aging is the oxidation, and the strong antioxidant function of black garlic is its ability to more
The main cause of disease have very good effect, at the same time also can cause the body to the multi-function of diseases
Have very good health.
Enhance the immune function
The experiment shows that black garlic in fat-soluble naphtha can significantly improve the function of macrophage phagocytosis, has increased
The role of the immune system. Allicin has activated composed of sugar, lipid membrane function, can improve the permeability
, to reinforce the metabolism of cells, vitality, the body's immunity. Lysine and serine
Have the function of improving immunity, vitamin C can strengthen the immunity of human body. The black garlic contains zinc involved in hormone
The synthesis, improve the body's immunity.
The power to regulate blood sugar levels
Black garlic can affect the liver glycogen synthesis, to reduce their blood sugar levels and increase the plasma levels of insulin.
The allicin can make the normal blood sugar levels drop, black garlic also contains S - methyl cysteine sulfoxide and S -
Allyl cysteine sulfoxide, which contain sulfide inhibits G - 6 - P enzyme NADPH, prevent damage, insulin
Blood sugar. The black garlic allyl disulfide also have this effect. Black garlic contains alkaloids, also have
Lower blood sugar, increase insulin function, more important is that it is no influence on normal blood sugar levels. Gansu ammonia
Acid to reduce the blood sugar levels in the blood, prevention and treatment of diabetes. Isoleucine have promote insulin secretion, regulate blood sugar
Researchers in the animal experiment with 25 g black garlic juice to feed the rabbit to carry on the glucose tolerance test, measured the black garlic
Set the maximum value of 12.4% plus or minus 12.4% drop in blood sugar, distilled water control group is 1.8% plus or minus 0.5%, that of black garlic
Control your blood sugar have obvious effect. And they give caused by alloxan diabetes rats consuming black garlic extract through the mouth
Content, also shows that black garlic has the effect that fall blood sugar, eat 2 h after their blood sugar levels by 17.9% ~ 26.2%.
Black garlic's ability to regulate blood sugar is not a simple control, but in the protection of insulin, convert sugar can actively
Energy, make the person with diabetes have ability to melt sugar like ordinary people, rather than the hypoglycemic drugs, thus determines the black
The effect of garlic unusual hypoglycemic products comparable.

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